The Devil to Pay F.A.Q.


The Devil to Pay releases Sept. 18th! Here’s an F.A.Q. I did about how the Nora Jacobs and Shayne Davies series work together…

Q: How is the Shayne Davies series related to the Nora Jacobs series?

A: The Shayne Davies series is a companion to the Nora Jacobs series, meaning it happens in the same setting of Detroit, at the same time, and features many of the same supporting characters—Nick Gorgeous plays a prominent role in both series, as does FUA Director Madison West, and vampire master Henry Stadther. The purpose of having a companion series is to help fill out the “bigger picture” of the Detroit Division of the Federal Underworld Agency. While Nora’s and Shayne’s plots aren’t directly related, they do have repercussions which spill over into each other’s stories. I won’t say any more on that—because spoilers!—but careful attention to background details will offer readers some clues about how the two series eventually become more connected.

Q: Both series are coming out concurrently. Is there a recommended order for reading them? Can each series be read separately?

A: Yes, each series can be read separately, as each is written as if it were stand-alone. However, there is definitely a recommended order of reading, since the books are being released in the order of events as they happen chronologically. If readers want to follow the stories chronologically (and also to avoid spoilers that are revealed between the series), the best order will be:

  1. Don’t Rush Me (Nora Jacobs 1)
  2. Don’t Cheat Me (Nora Jacobs 2)
  3. The Devil to Pay (Shayne Davies 1)
  4. Nora Jacobs 3
  5. Shayne Davies 2
  6. Nora Jacobs 4
  7. Shayne Davies 3
  8. Shayne Davies 4

Q: Is the Shayne Davies series a reverse harem romance like Nora Jacobs?

A: No. The Shayne Davies series is an urban fantasy action/mystery, with traditional romance elements.

Q: There is cross-over with certain supporting characters, but will Nora or Shayne themselves appear in each other’s books?

A: Yes and no. How’s that? Lol. To be more specific, Shayne does not appear in the Nora Jacobs series, for reasons. And while Nora Jacobs does appear in the Shayne Davies series, it is more of a cameo than a supporting role. Having said that, I totally get that part of the fun of a cross-over series—for readers—is to wonder when/if the main characters will ever meet, and how they’ll respond to each other, so…yeah. But the fun for authors is to dangle that possibility for as long as possible—muahahahaha. No, just kidding—the serious straight answer is yes and no.

Q: Will somebody – anybody! – please slap Henry Stadther in the face already? And/or kick him in the nuts? And/or stake him in the heart?

A: Oh, Shayne would like nothing more, trust me. But one doesn’t simply walk up to a master vampire and kick his nuts. The best Shayne can do, being a lowly fox shifter, is give him a good sarcastic quip. And then run away.

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