The Shayne Davies Series

The Shayne Davies Series

Shayne Davies is a fox shifter with not much more to brag about than her street smarts and sarcasm. Needing to prove herself to just about everyone–especially her family–she joins the Federal Underworld Agency and puts those smarts to use solving paranormal crimes.

Book 1: The Devil to Pay

SHAYNE_1_cover_smallWhen it comes to talented new recruits at the Federal Underworld Agency, Nora Jacobs is only half the story…

As a fox shifter, Shayne Davies gets no respect in an underworld run by the fearsome and powerful—werewolves and vampires, sorcerers, demons, and mythical faerie creatures. Even at home, Shayne is still treated like the brat of the pack. Her mom constantly nags; her intended (but unwanted) mate ensures plenty of awkward silences, and Shayne is even expected to act submissive to the pack’s future alpha…a six year old.

Yeah. Time for Plan B.

All Shayne wants is to prove that she’s got what it takes to run with the big dogs, which is why she is constantly hounding Nick Gorgeous to make her an agent at the “Double D”, the Detroit Division of the FUA. That’s an easy “No” for Gorgeous, who keeps a strict “No Shayne Davies” policy. Well, never say never. When mysterious underworld criminals steal a load of bomb materials, the FUA picks up a messy case nobody wants to touch. It’s bad enough that a demon horde is involved, but now the annoying FBI has sent out an agent to babysit the investigation. To make matters worse, the notoriously uncooperative master vampire Henry Stadther has control over what may be the only key to breaking the case: a handsome human detective.

The whole thing’s a hopeless disaster.

So guess what, Shayne? You’re hired!

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Book 2: Magic In Those Eyes

SHAYNE_cover_2After taking down Detroit’s east side demon horde, Shayne Davies is enjoying newfound respect as an FUA field agent. With a fancy badge, a steady paycheck, and a growing line of interested men, Shayne is finally climbing the underworld food chain, a major feat for a lowly fox shifter from a ragtag pack of gypsy hillbillies.

If only she could add Detective Brenner to her list of conquests. Despite working with him, sharing his home, and constantly throwing herself at him, Shayne still hasn’t claimed the elusive detective’s heart. He obviously has feelings for her, but something secret holds him back. It’s a mystery Shayne is determined to solve.

But she’s got bigger problems. When Shayne’s rundown of a feral ogre collides with Brenner’s hunt for a serial killer, she exposes a nefarious plot involving one of the most powerful sorcerer families in Detroit. Caught between Brenner’s crusade for human justice and the agency’s duty to protect the interests of the underworld, Shayne is forced to choose sides.

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Book 3: Heart and Soul

SHAYNE_3_coverSharing a life with Jay Brenner is everything Shayne hoped it would be: date nights out, mornings sleeping in, and full access to his heart, body, and mind. Life would be perfect…if there weren’t half a dozen underworld villains who want them dead. They can’t step one foot outside without somebody trying to kill them. The Detroit underworld is lethal for even the most powerful beings, so how in the world will Shayne be able to protect a mere human? If vampires and demons don’t kill her, the constant worrying will. Everybody knows that love always comes with risk, but c’mon, this is ridiculous.

To make matters worse, Brenner discovers a major clue in the case of the revenants who killed his sister, and now there’s no stopping him from picking a fight they can’t possibly win. Shayne’s first instinct is to run and hide, to stay out of sight. But as deadly threats, both old and new, begin to pile up, she must accept the hard truth: the only way to have any kind of life with Brenner is to stop running, face their enemies head on, and end this fight. All Brenner wants is to avenge his sister, no matter the cost, but for Shayne, the only success that matters is for Brenner to still be alive when the dust settles.

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